Works Council members who are exploring the possibility of setting up an EWC, need to know more about the 'how and why' of employee participation in Europe. The EWC Consult can help you at the outset by giving you concise, expert advice. This can take the form of an EWC information morning or afternoon with the Works Council itself, a qualitative assessment and drawing up of EWC agreements and EWC regulations, an initial impetus in developing European policy and feedback on tasks and roles within the EWC.

EWC-training and -courses

Training, guidance and advice for the entire SNB/EWC

The assistance given by the EWC-Service is aimed at helping the EWC to grow into a fully-fledged and indepen­dently operating body for employees. The EWC-Service has plenty of experience in concluding EWC-contracts and together with the SNB it can draw on its practical experience and knowledge of existing contracts, to negotiate a tailor-made contract. Experience has shown that manage­ment too is impressed with our expertise, which helps to simplify and speed up negoti­ations. Even shortly after a EWC is set up there is a need for training (e.g. bridging cultural differ­ences), guidance and support. Inexperience and unfamiliarity with the EWC are the main reasons for this. On request of the SNB or the EWC, we can organise training pro­grammes, and supervisory and advisory programmes in English. We also provide services for Select Committees and specific committees of the EWC.

Tailor-made theme courses

A theme course is designed for a group of Works Council members or the Works Council of a multinational in the Netherlands. The desired content the course is discussed during a preliminary meeting. The purpose of such a course could be, for example, to clarify the European policy regarding Dutch employee participation within the company. The European experience of EWC-members will be shared with the participants.

Specialist advice

We can offer specialist advice at a European level in the following areas:

  • the structure of the company and the structure/policy of the EWC;
  • financial and economic policy and the company's investment plans;
  • cross-border reorganisations, mergers, re-allocation, cost-cutting measures, closures and other far-reaching changes;
  • dealing with new working and production methods;
  • working conditions, training policy, working hours, greater flexibility, equal opportunities and the environment.

If necessary, and naturally in consultation with you and your EWC, we will call on the services of an independent external advisor who has experience in advisory work at a European level and in whom we have confidence.

EWC-Service in practice

SBI Formaat EWC-Service also works with e.g.:  Heineken, TNT Express, Heineken, Cargill, Alcoa, Post NL, , GE-Healthcare, Eaton, Canon, The British Council, Wolters Kluwer, Flextronics, Yamaha Prysmian, Shell, Philips, SGS, Hema, Verizon, Yara, Schindler, ING, Consolis.